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Directly sourced from renowned perfumeries globally, Kaori Scenting Systems utilize the latest in scenting technology with customized applications to deliver the ideal experience, outcomes and ambient scenting solutions for your space.

All our fragrances come with relevant SDS and IFRA certificates. We validate and ensure fragrances are strictly assessed for toxicity and allergens and are certified safe in compliance with comprehensive safety standards before implementation.

Our consultants will tailor a scent delivery system for your needs, and ensure smooth installation in a discreet area that delivers optimal coverage for your venue. Scent levels will be measured and adjusted to suit your premises, and you can count on us for prompt and responsible support.


Kaori systems use dry-mist diffusion technology to ensure clean, consistent and efficient scent delivery. Producing droplet sizes of less than 1 micron in diameter, scents can be easily dispersed uniformly in any given area through our cutting-edge fragrance systems.

Scenting machines can be standalone, mounted, or installed through HVAC systems that disperse the scent through air-conditioning ducts.